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Child Custody

Your Advocate in Child Custody and Visitation Disputes in Maryland

When it comes to child custody and visitation issues, protecting the children's best interests is the primary goal. At the Maryland law office of Anderson & Axilbund, LLC, we have nearly two decades of experience helping parents reach solutions that encourage positive relationships with both parents wherever possible, while protecting their rights as a parent. Whether you are establishing the initial child custody and visitation plan as part of a divorce, need assistance in enforcing an existing order, or are seeking modification of a custody order, rely on us to be vigorous advocates for you and your children.

Reaching Custody Agreements in Maryland

In Maryland, there are two types of custody: physical and legal. Legal custody, often shared between both parents, is the legal right to make decisions about the child's welfare, including education, religion and health care. Physical custody relates to the parent with whom the child primarily resides.

Often, joint custody is granted, meaning the parents share legal custody, the children live with one parent and the other parent is granted visitation rights. In some cases, the court may grant sole custody. In that situation, the children live with one parent, and that parent also makes the major decisions regarding their welfare.

We will be your vigorous advocate in and out of the courtroom. Working together, we can create a plan that meets your child's needs as well as your own.

Enforcement and Modifications of Child Custody Orders

If the other party refuses to meet the custody and visitation obligations specified in the court order, we will take the legal steps necessary to enforce it. For example, if your child is not being allowed to visit you according to the visitation schedule, we will pursue contempt proceedings to make sure that your visitation rights are protected.

Sometimes, material changes in financial or other life circumstances open the door to modifications of child custody and visitation orders. If one parent wants to move to another state, for example, a modification may become necessary. We have extensive experience in helping parties seek, as well as defend against, modifications.