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Protecting Clients' Interests During Divorce

The law office of Anderson & Axilbund, LLC, has over 25 years of experience guiding clients through difficult legal situations. We understand the financial and emotional concerns involved with divorce, and will explain your legal options and help you find a cost-effective way to reach your individual goals, whether that involves negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Divorce in Maryland

In Maryland, parties can be granted divorce on no-fault or on fault grounds. Whether you and your spouse have voluntarily separated and seek to finalize the split, or whether you wish to allege fault grounds, Anderson & Axilbund, LLC has the experience it takes to navigate you effectively through the process. Whether or not you and your spouse agree on the grounds for divorce and the other decisions that must be made, we will protect your interests to reach positive solutions regarding every aspect of your case:

• Property division: Generally, in Maryland, property acquired during the marriage is "marital." In the divorce, the court will divide this property in a manner it deems fair. Our job is to protect your individual assets and give you a realistic idea of how the court will divide the assets. We are skilled in analyzing complex financial issues and will make sure that everything is considered, including retirement accounts, businesses and hidden assets.

• Child custody and visitation: Nothing is more important in a divorce than children. We will work hard to protect your children's best interests in developing child custody and visitation plans that protect your rights and encourage positive relationships with both parents where possible.

• Child support: It is important to remember that child support is designed to provide for your children, and our goal is to make sure that your children receive the full support to which they are entitled.

• Alimony: There are different types of alimony in Maryland. We will work closely with you to analyze your situation and help you form a realistic assessment of what to expect regarding spousal support.

Finding the Most Effective Route to a Solution Depending on your situation, negotiation, mediation or litigation may be the best way to resolve your divorce or other family law matter. With almost two decades of experience, we know when it is best to fight and when it makes sense to settle. We understand that divorce can be time-consuming and costly. We will not waste your time and money pursuing paths that will not achieve your goals and protect your — and your children's — best interests.